Function of the NMDA receptor is critical for normal communication between nerve cells and the NMDA receptor is implicated in multiple brain and nervous system diseases. Our focus is to develop safe NMDA modulators for treatment of diseases with a high unmet medical need, where we believe our NMDA-targeted approach can offer significant improvements over the current standards of care and meaningful benefits for patients and caregivers.


We have a robust chemistry library with small molecule compounds designed to elegantly modulate the NMDA receptor.

We have developed a discovery screening process to rapidly assess the binding and functional properties of these NMDA receptor modulators and we currently have compounds in early and advanced stages of preclinical development.

To date, our compounds have shown efficacy in a number of disease models including, but not limited to, depression, neuropathic pain, migraine, traumatic brain injury, and age-induced learning impairment, among others. We aim to rapidly progress the most promising of these candidates into clinical development.