About Aptinyx


Aptinyx Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing transformative therapies for challenging disorders of the brain and nervous system. Aptinyx has a proven platform for discovery of novel compounds that work through a unique mechanism to modulate — rather than block or over-activate — NMDA receptors and enhance synaptic plasticity, the foundation of neural cell communication. We believe leveraging the therapeutic advantages of this differentiated mechanism will drive a paradigm shift in the treatment of numerous disorders of the brain and nervous system.

History of Aptinyx

Aptinyx was spun out of a predecessor company, Naurex, as part of its acquisition by Allergan in 2015.

Allergan’s acquisition focused on Naurex’s lead NMDA receptor modulators in clinical development as differentiated therapies for depression: Phase 3-ready rapastinel (formerly called GLYX-13) and Phase 2 drug candidate apimostinel (formerly called NRX-1074). Across multiple clinical studies, Naurex demonstrated that rapastinel and apimostinel had rapid-acting and robust antidepressant effects and were very well tolerated. The research and development of these lead compounds provided clear validation of this unique mechanism for modulating NMDA receptors.

Based on experience with the peptides, rapastinel and apimostinel, Naurex built an extensive chemistry platform for discovering small molecules that modulate the NMDA receptor with diverse activity, potency, and selectivity profiles. During Allergan’s acquisition of Naurex, the Naurex team spun out this platform and the resultant early-stage development programs into a new company, Aptinyx. The company’s goal is to continue the successful track record of innovation by developing meaningful advances in the treatment of numerous diseases of the brain and central nervous system.